Balancing both sides of the equation

Access to products, services, artistic innovation and advances in technology enable and inspire humanity to create more of the same.

Economic rights, such as intellectual property rights, are intended to support not only access to innovation by the public but also to enable compensation of creation development costs.

Intellectual property rights = fundamental human rights

We exist to support the balance between the economic human rights of creators and the human rights of everyone to access cultural innovation as well as technological improvements.

We design fair trade focused rights ownership information systems to support direct compensation and online distribution of artistic, cultural, technological and scientific creations.

Because fulfillment of basic human rights supports creativity and benefits all humanity, in addition to our work enabling direct control and compensation of creators economic rights, we also advocate basic human rights for all.

For us, this includes cooperating with organizations and activities focused on basic real world rights to freedom, food, water, shelter and electricity as well as internet related rights such as advocating for the human right to identity, information, internet access, net neutrality and online dispute resolution including name, image and reputation control, or the right to be forgotten.

Our mission

The mission of VIPO is to exert a progressive influence on the issues surrounding user rights and policy in the area of specifically, intellectual property rights protectable content created for use, transfer and display, in virtual, 3D web, and web 2.0 online environments.

This means that VIPO was incorporated to support the recognition, remuneration and management of creator rights to content made using tools provided by online platforms, or made for display, transfer or download using online distribution methods and within immersive games.

Claim your creation & support our mission

Our mission includes creating the worlds first publicly accessible copyright and related rights ownership database. Claiming a copyrightable creation is a great way for creators to immediately receive basic benefits of VIPO membership.

We offer no cost legal documentation of creation claims for authors of all forms of copyrightable content, open source or not, including: visual art, literature, photos, videos, films, designs including textures, apps, mechanical designs or devices, software code, musical compositions and sound recordings.

Our focus is global, so are our legal services

We provide specialized international intellectual property management support services for creative individuals and creative industry businesses.

These services include creating intellectual property asset management strategies.

Contact us for an estimate of costs — its probably much less than you think, especially for our creator members.

We also provide trademark registration and prosecution services before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

From our seat in the European Union, we work with creators across national borders to implement effective protection strategies for the commercialization of their creations using new technology.

We collaborate with local offices and organizations to provide EU trademark, patent and design support before the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO).

Human rights partnerships

In cooperation with the EU based association Cista Pozitiva (Pure Positivity), we seek to help human rights organizations reclaim their message for broader impact and to reframe their public image through rebranding.

We leverage the worlds leading edge thought and create content sharing the planet's best practices for human rights organizations in the areas of conscious communication skill building, organizational messaging, as well as content development and related digital asset broadcast strategies.

Original YouTube series

Our YouTube channels deliver engaging video series for creative enterprises and individuals as well as human rights centric organizations.

We also use this platform to inform creators and inventors on how to effectively use open source licenses which provides alternatives to payment based terms and conditions, for the use and access to their works by the public.

On the channel SPIN Human Rights Orgs we develop communication and content production series specifically for human rights organizations and individual activists

With all types of innovators in mind, we established the VirtualistsTV channel to provide entertaining copyright management, content promotion, branding and related enterprise support services.

Our Massively Creative channel hosts original series which promote the presence of cultural innovation in our world and celebrates the artists who bring it into being.

Become a member or donate

The Virtual Intellectual Property Organization, Inc. (VIPO) is a U.S. non profit 501c3. All financial contributions are tax deductible for US residents or citizens.

Reach out for information on how you, as an individual, your company or organization, can become a member or contribute to our mission.

Welcome to our world.